National 4-H Citizenship Seminar

Discover more about Canada and our fascinating history at the National 4-H Citizenship Seminar. Learn about governance, parliamentary procedures, citizenship and politics in a way that is fun, inspiring and memorable. Along with new experiences and knowledge, you’ll make lasting friendships with 4-Hers from across Canada.

National 4-H Conference

As a National 4-H Conference delegate, you’ll travel to Montréal, visit historic Old Montréal and the Pointe-à
Callière Museum, tour the Olympic Stadium, CBC Radio Canada, the Montréal Science Centre, and more. You will
also participate in communica? ons-focused sessions, and hear from speakers in the communications ?eld. The conference is an opportunity to share your own 4-H experiences and learn from other 4-Hers across Canada.

U.S. National 4-H Conference

At the U.S. National 4-H Conference, you can experience 4-H in another country. Delegates first visit Ottawa for a program orientation, a citizenship ceremony, and a tour of Ottawa, including the Peace Tower. Then it’s off to Washington, D.C. where delegates gain a better understanding of 4-H in Canada and the United States, and enhance their leadership skills.

In addition to the conference activities, 4-H delegates also have a chance to tour Washington, and visit some of the nation’s famous cultural and political sites, including the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol Hill.


Senior Members’ Conference / Selections Weekend

Senior Member`s Conference takes place once a year and is the only provincial conference purely dedicated to Senior Members (Ages 15 and up).  Normally happens over a three-day period and changes its location every year, it provides Senior Members with a chance to explore and experience new things while given them a greater insight into the 4-H program.  In the past, this weekend has involved all different kinds of activities, which would appeal to every different kind of 4-H member and their interest.  Past Activities include:  Parasailing, Night on the Farm, Wacky Olympics,             4-H Town Hall Session, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Shopping, Leadership and Team Building Session and a Closing Banquet.

Also, connected with Senior Members` Conference is Selections Weekend.   Since it is only Senior Members who are eligible for National and International Travel, the NL Provincial Council decided that this weekend will be a factor as to who gets selected for trips.  During this conference, all the members are observed by the Provincial Council and chaperones; they are watched for things like behavior, 4-H Spirit and participation. Later on, when members apply for trips. the selections committee will refer back to what the members were like during this conference and that will factor into their final decisions.