Provincial Competitions

Provincial Competitions

Each year, there are competitions locally, regional and provincial for 4-H members to take part in.  There are two types of competitions members can take part in, Public Speaking and Demonstrations.  In order to achieve and be allowed to travel and take part in provincial and national events, all 4-H members must attempt one or the other at their own club`s local achievement day.

All 4-H members must try the public speaking or demonstration at a local club level, during their local achievement day.  There everyone who takes part in the competition will be judged and winners in specific categories will be announced.  These winners will then compete against winners in other clubs at a district competition.  The district winners from across the province will then get together and compete for the top spot in the province at the Provincials Competitions Weekend.

The Provincials Competitions weekend is a time for members from clubs all across the province to come together and meet, while take part in different sessions and activities.  As well as the time for the provincial public speaking and demonstration competitors to go head to head against each other.  The weekend is not just for competitors but other members are allowed to come along and support this club`s or district`s presenter in the competition.

The Public Speaking and Demonstration Competitions are divided into ages categories to make sure the competition among each other is fair.  Also, in demonstration teams of two can enter the competition together. **Besides each category is the time limit for the public speaking presentation or the demonstration.


Public Speaking

(A) Junior:               Age: 9-13    4-6 minutes

(B) Senior:               Age: 14-21    6-8 minutes

Public Speaking Score Sheet


(A) Single Demonstration
Junior                     9-13 years             6-10 min. Maximum
Senior                     14-21 years             8-12 min. Maximum

(B) Team Demonstration
Junior                     9-13 years             8-12 min. Maximum
Senior                     14-21 years             8-12 min. Maximum

 Demonstration Score Sheet