What is 4-H ?

4-H is a internationally recognized program which helps to develop young people into responsible and contributing citizens in our society today.  The 4-H program is designed to help individuals expand their knowledge and develop their skills in a variety of areas such as leadership, communication, self-esteem, creating social opportunities and a sense of teamwork.  It also has a strong background in agriculture and helps to develop Agriculture Awareness.

 4-H is a program offered for rural young people between the ages of 5 and 21 as well as adults who wish to become leaders to provide leadership for these children.  The  4-H program provides many great opportunities to an individual in a community or large city.  Some of these opportunities include belonging to a club in your area, making new friends, having fun at regular events with other 4-H members, taking part in club and community activities as well as sports, games, picnics, campouts, tours and exchanges, learning how to organize and carry out meetings, taking part in a public speaking program, and working on a annual project which you choose yourself.

 In conclusion 4-H is a youth program that helps in developing individuals as   well-balanced citizens and young adults as well as offers many great and fun opportunities to take advantage of.  In 4-H  we thrive on presenting opportunities to learn new skills, meet new people, broaden interests, learn to accept responsibility, help to discover your talents, realize your dreams, increase pride in your club community and country and above all have fun.