Why 4-H ?

4-H Mission:

 “To develop 4-H youth as self-reliant, contributing members of society.

 Today’s youth belong to a rapidly changing society.  They have access to knowledge through technology.  They do not want to opt out – they want to be involved, accepted, valued, and heard.

4-H is an ideal opportunity for young people to increase knowledge, express themselves, and to learn personal and life skills.


4-H Goals:


4-H provides members learning experiences tailored to the needs and interests of each individual.  The project exposes the members to the latest scientific and technical information.  Skills develop as members work more and more with their project.


Opportunities for learning leadership skills are found in every phase of 4-H.  Each situation requires that the member analyse facts, discuss alternatives, and make decisions.  One 4-H member said “I have learned to be a friendly leader – working for and with others.”


4-H club work encourages democratic decision making and learning to respect the decisions of the group. It offers members the opportunity to have input into decisions, and to experience team work.  It promotes loyalty to friends, ideas, and  a program that has stood the test of time.

Personal Development

4-H often provides members with their first real experience using their own initiative to complete projects and to serve the club and community.  As personal and group goals are set and met, confidence grows and new situations are met with increased ease.  Maturity is the result.


4-H is about acquiring knowledge and learning skills.  It is an education in self reliance by learning to do by doing.